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[Gotanda, Osaki] Upper-class residential area eminent Yamanote Line which the elegant feature of the daimyo’s mansion remains

It is that the “Gotanda” station neighborhood was authorized in “a city reproduction emergency maintenance area” by the “Osaki” JR Yamanote Line station, and even Tokyo is the area that greatly underwent a transfiguration. Vitality provided by a tradition and the redevelopment from the past became the synergy and came to raise an attention degree as the new life base of the downtown area. When “atto- Levi Gotanda” and “レミィ Gotanda” of the station direct connection ran business in succession in the “Gotanda” station west in 2008 (Heisei 20), the image of the town greatly changed, too.

In Gotanda, Osaki, a quiet residential area known as an upper-class residential area of the eminence in Yamanote Line named “Mt. Jonan five” including “island Tsuyama” “pond Tayama” “Gotenyama” can always classify roughly in the modern area bristling with an opening area and tower apartments. In the area between the “Gotanda” station east exit and the “Shinagawa” station Takanawa Exit, an eminent upper-class residential area is formed in particular even in Tokyo.




“The Gotanda area that attracts attention by the birth of shopping facilities as a town of the shopping

The city infrastructure maintenance led by various shopping facilities advances in the Gotanda area, and the cityscape turns big. “レミィ Gotanda” and “atto- Levi Gotanda” ran business around “Gotanda” station, and pleasure of the shopping increased in particular.

The maintenance of the station building is carried out now at the east exit of the JR “Gotanda” station. This station building becomes 10 stories, and, in the 1th-3th floors, “atto- Levi Gotanda” and shopping facilities with a sense of unity are going to be born as “(tentative name) Atrai Gotanda”. In addition, the 4th-10th floors become the hotel, and it is expected that it becomes the base of a tourist and the business visitor visiting Tokyo.

Furthermore, there is the rebuilding design of ruins use plan and “TOC” (Tokyo wholesale center) of “U-Port” closed in 2015 (Heisei 27) and may expect the further development in the future, too.