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Before buying property

1.Advice about property
Please feel free to ask anything about both residence and investment. We can introduce property along with budget and purpose for you! We welcome you who want lodging house and share house. We can support whole of your investment from licensing to reforming.
2.Advice about loan
We introduce loan plan if you are not Japanese. Please ask details about a rate of interest.

After buying properties.

1.Credible management for your property
The same person will take over the management. We can discuss directly about your property without any difficulties,
2.Tax payment management
If you cannot find any Japanese person to help you, We will manage your tax payment. Do not worry about final tax return that we can ask our tax accountant. (Please ask about the price when you are interested.)
We will introduce insurance company which can correspond people who are not Japanese and in Japan. Strong recommendation for admission to insurance as your property is in the earthquake prone. Of course you can understand it easily in English.
We will also introduce you the reliable reforming company.

Advice for the owners.

Currently in Japan, there is the problems of vacant house in the real estates by aging population. We have often seen the owner is in trouble for no occupants. It is very popular by the owners that We manages furnished properties, share houses, and monthly properties. Please ask us anything about your property management if you worry about vacant house.

Moving-in (Buying and Selling/Rent/Offices)

1.Translation: Japanese to English
We will translate the property agreement into English. Do not hesitate to ask when you’re interested.
2.Help for utility fees
When it is very difficult for you how to make contract the utility fees of your property, we can help you as well!
3.Application in your country
We can introduce you the best room soon after you come to Japan.

Contact us for more details and questions!
Also If you plan to have home in Japan, We are here for consultation!