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Property Management

Our plans for real estate leasing and management


Because of language barrier and complicated procedure, there aren’t many real estate agencies who are doing real estate leasing and management for non-residents. We undertake the management of properties owned by non-residents.

What we do for our clients

  • Leasingwork


  • Financial work for rent

    Financial work for rent

  • Procedure for tenants moving in and out

    Procedure for tenants moving in and out

  • Tax management

    Tax management

  • Consignment work for insurance

    Consignment work for insurance

  • Management for tenants

    Management for tenants

  • Arrangement for repairing

    Arrangement for repairing

Please contact us for more details.

Comparison to other real estate agencies

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    Contact us no matter how many rooms you own

    In many cases, other agencies do not undertake your offer if you don’t own more than 10 rooms. On the other hand, we are okay from 1 room.

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    Procedure for tax manage-ment and insurance

    We suggest you a proper insurance for your property. It’s possible for us to pay for repairing and your tax payment instead of you.

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    Costs for repairing of ours is relatively cheaper than others

    Repairing doesn’t cost you as much as other real estate agencies require you to pay as we know many companies for repairing.

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    Many types of leasing

    We are good at attracting customers and finding tenants as we know many methods for it.

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    Lawyers for your problems

    It’s possible for us to introduce lawyers to you when you encounter some troubles.

We know many experiences and expertise of managing real estate leasing for non-residents.