We will assist you with reliable transaction in Japanese real estate.

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For Seller

We are here to help you who want to sell your property in Japan.


We would love to help for selling your property no matter where you are.
Because of the complicated procedure for transferring money to overseas, many real estate agencies in Japan don’t want to deal with property which they can’t earn much profit.
For us, it is not a problem to help you no matter what kind of property you have.

In addition to assessment for selling your property, we will advise you when to sell to sell your property as high price as possible.

Basic procedure for selling your property with us

First, let us know about the address of your property as well as your official name when you purchased the property.
It’s definitely better if you are ready to provide us some official documents for the property. As soon as you let us assess your property, we will suggest selling price.
If you are okay with the price, please fill out application forms of ours and submit us for letting us selling the property.

Charges for assessment are not required. However, it is needed if your property is located far away from Tokyo.

Coming to Japan for selling your property is not needed


You don’t need to come to Japan for procedure if you are currently staying somewhere out of Japan.

It’s possible for us to sign a contract of yours and transfer money instead of you as well as your tax payment in Japan.

Cancellation fee is not required

We do not require our client to pay for any cancellation fees. You can simply contact us when you change your mind.

Want to sell at a good price?


There are many cases that price of many properties increased after some time purchasing from us. We properly advise you our professional knowledge and experiences.

Want to Sell Asap?

We can help you out if you want to sell your property urgently. We know many purchase trader in Tokyo. Many of them will assess your property and show you their ideal price for buying at the same time.

Want to sell securely


Compare to other real estate agencies in Japan, we make more efforts than theirs to sell client’s property securely and safely.
There are still unreliable and untrustworthy real estate agencies in Japan. As a part of one of the biggest real estate management company in Tokyo, the most important thing for us is always establishing trust between us and clients. We always try to support you for your secure business and transaction.

Feel free to contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assess your property and tell you how much you may be able to sell it for. If you are not satisfied with the price we show, please feel free to tell us for cancellation.