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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Add Value Co,Ltd. are highly and properly managing and protecting the personal information we’ve gotten from our customers by following the regulations and law regarding personal information in Japan.

  • Regarding the collection of personal information

    Add Value Co,Ltd. may collect personal information to provide the information of properties, our products and etc. We use the information, and showed the purpose for using beforehand.

  • For the use of personal information

    1. For fulfilment of an agreement of sale , renting and management and providing information and service.
    2. For providing personal information to third parties to achieve customer’s goals.
    3. For providing the information, service and fulfillment of the products Add Value Co, Ltd. manages or uses.
    4. For marketing by parcel, e-mail and phone to analyze the trend of our customer and client to provide the information, product and service Add Value Co,Ltd. manages.

    If you have the consent of the disclosure of personal information, we will instantly stop providing.

  • Basic policy on the correct handling

    Add Value Co, Ltd. rightly manage the personal information we’ve collected from our customers to protect and not to leak.

  • Regarding the provision of personal information to third parties

    The personal information Add Value Co, Ltd. manages may be providing to third parties in the following cases.

    1. Case the person himself agrees with the purpose of use.
    2. Case based on laws and regulations.
    3. Case in which there is a need to protect human life, body or property, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal’s consent.
    4. Case in which there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal’s consent.
    5. Case in which there is a need to cooperate in regard to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining a principal’s consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs.
    6. Case show the information to reliable business partners who signed non- disclosure agreement with us for achieving previously stated goals.
    Case of providing the information of the properties Add Value Co, Ltd.
    manages or knows to third parties
    1. The information of the properties Add Value Co, Ltd. manages are all about type of properties, location, price, dimension, equipment, pictures, maps and etc. Personal name is not included the information.
    2. The information will be providing to people who want to rent or buy properties of yours. It possibly provides to them through internet, advertising flyers or through other real estate companies.
    3. When the contract of yours completes, we will instantly inform to advertisers to stop advertising the property of yours.

    The information of your contract will be analyzed and used as a data by real estate information network system or private advertiser for other transactions

  • Disclosure and modification of personal information, correction,etc...

    Add Value Co, Ltd. instantly shows the personal information of our customer if they need us to. However, showing the information is not acceptable if the customer can’t prove their identification

    If the information of customer’s personal information written on this website is wrong, and they would like us to modify, add or delete we will do it for their request as soon as we can. In the case the customer can’t prove your identification, we won’t cooperate.

    Contact number and address of Add Value Co, Ltd. for customers

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    • Add Value Co, LTD.

      Address :
      City Corp Nishi-Gotanda Room 202,2-24-7,
      Nishi-Gotanda,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. ZIP


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Policy on dealing with antisocial forces

Add Value Co,Ltd. hereby has declared in the following basic policies to prevent damage and secure the suitability and integrity of our business from antisocial forces who desperately want social benefit by violating and scamming

  • Breaking off any relations to antisocial forces

    We’ve declared that we cut off relationship with antisocial forces and always refuse any unreasonable offers and requests from them

  • Prohibition for providing money and benefit to antisocial forces

    Add Value Co,Ltd. absolutely do not provide any money or benefit to antisocial forces whatever the methods are. In addition to the above, Add Value Co, Ltd. do not do any secret transactions to hide our mistakes or scandals

  • Organizational response

    Add Value Co, Ltd. will deal with antisocial forces as an organization as a whole from top management on down. In addition to the above, Add Value Co, Ltd. will reliably ensure the safety of the employees responding to unreasonable demands from antisocial forces

  • Cooperation with specialists

    We will establish close cooperative ties with external specialists, including the police, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan and legal counsel, and will take appropriate action as an organization to avert damages caused by antisocial forces

  • Civil and criminal legal actions

    Add Value Co, Ltd. will take civil or criminal legal measures to unreasonable demands from antisocial