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Finding a New Comfortable Apartment in JAPAN


These days the apartment you live is getting more important than ever. 

Since COVID-19 is becoming a serious problem to the economy, thousands of companies are shifting to telework. In this hard period, people tend to stay home for a long time and need a comfortable place to live. 


Would I recommend to move during this period? YES!! Many people avoid moving and getting out of their home which made the industry slow. Because of this, MANY real estate agencies are introducing special limited offers! Now many apartments are available for a lower rent, as well as the initial cost and moving fee.  It might be a good chance to find a new apartment now 🙂


Today I am introducing a great way to find a new apartment in Japan with us, ADDVALUE. 


Apart from this website, we also operate some well-known websites for foreigners such as GaijinPot, RealestateJapan and Craigslist. However, there is so much information and difficulties in finding which agency meet your needs. 


Don’t worry, we are here for you


Follow these steps down below if you want to find your ideal apartment, and please don’t hesitate to reach us. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure of GaijinPot, just as an example:


①Open GaijinPot and find “Apartments” on top!


②Click on “Rent”


③Go to “Agent”, then use the filter “Addvalue”

Make sure it is “Addvalue“, so we can work together and give you all our support. We have plenty of experience with foreigners from all over the world.


④Choose one of these apartments to work with us!

Finally, scroll until you find the ideal apartment among our options. The service is guaranteed.


Ah, one more thing!


    Make sure everything has this logo!

★What if I don’t find any apartment I like?

– No worries! Please reach to us and we will find your apartment. 


★How can I contact you?

– You can email us, and we have facebook and Twitter as well! Feel free to send a message any time!


★Can I just send you my preferences?

OF COURSE! We can follow your preferences to find the apartments that suits you better, and then send them back to you!


It is sometimes hard for foreigners to find an apartment in Japan because of the cultural differences (language, way of communicating, requirements, etc.), but we make sure to give all customers the best service we can.


Any questions are welcome. Feel free to contact us anytime and we hope you enjoy your life in Japan 🙂